Chanilye (chanilye) wrote,
If you haven't heard, the great web comic Schlock Mercenary ( now has a book available for preorder! If you preorder you get an autographed copy plus bonus screen savers. Preorder here:

Why am I promoting this book? Well, the big reason is I really like this comic. It's good science fiction that consistently brings the funny (such as the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates

Also very impressive for a free web comic, it has not once missed a day thanks to the hard work of creator Howard Tayler. This leads to the second reason I am promoting the book, that Howard and his wife and business partner Sandra are good people who genuinely care about the fans of the comic and the quality of work. I know this from first hand experience having met them both in person and from chatting online. I wouldn't promote his work if I didn't geniunely think it was good, but I admit I am more interested in promoting the success of people who treat others with kindness and respect.
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